First issue published!


We are produly present the launch of the first issue of Modern Mathematical Methods (MMM) Journal, a groundbreaking platform that transcends disciplinary boundaries to embrace the entire spectrum of mathematical innovation. In this inaugural edition, we proudly present a kaleidoscope of mathematical excellence that spans the vast panorama of fields, from pure mathematics to applied mathematics, theoretical frameworks to real-world applications. Dive into the pages of MMM Journal and witness the convergence of algebraic elegance, geometric insights, statistical rigor, and computational prowess. This issue is a testament to the inclusive ethos of our journal, uniting mathematicians from various realms to illuminate the collective brilliance that defines the modern mathematical landscape. Welcome to a world where every theorem, equation, and concept contributes to the rich tapestry of mathematical thought. The journey begins now, as we invite you to explore the frontiers of Modern Mathematical Methods and embark on a quest for knowledge that knows no bounds.