Reviewer Guideline

The journal follows a single-blind refereeing policy. So the identity of the referee is confidential to an author. However, the identity of the author is known by the referee. For this reason, referee should not contact to the author and should not introduce themselves as a referee.

Manuscript referees must make sure that authors have approved all sources of data used in the research. Any manuscripts received for review must be handled as confidential documents. They must not be shown to or discussed with others except as confirmed by the editor. Privileged information or ideas obtained by via of peer review must be kept confidential and not used for personal benefit.

A referee should be careful of the problem of plagiarism and self-plagiarism. Also, a referee should identify connected published works that have not been cited by the author(s) in an article. Any statement that an observation, derivation, or argument had been previously reported should be accompanied by the relevant citation.

A referee should not consider to handle with manuscripts in which he/she may have conflict of interest. If there is a potential for a serious conflict of interest or loyalty, the referee should declare the editorial team.

Any kind of resemblance or overlap between the manuscripts under consideration or with any other published paper of which referee has personal knowledge must be immediately brought to the editor's notice. Referees should be acted objectively. Personal criticism of the referee is unsuitable. Referees should give voice to their views clearly with supporting arguments.

Reviews must be conducted fairly and within a plausible timeframe. In the event that a referee feels it is not impossible for him/her to complete review of manuscript within stipulated period, then this information must be transferred to the editor, so that the manuscript could be sent to another referee. Also, any invited referee must notify the editorial staff if he/she feels unqualified to review a manuscript. In that case, he/she can suggest an alternative referee.

Reminder Notices

If you have received a request but have not responded, we will send you a reminder after 10 days and a second reminder after 10 days. After that, you may be un-invited.
If you have received a request and have agreed to review, we will send you a reminder ten days after your due date and a second reminder 30 days after your due date. At that time, we may contact you personally or you may be un-invited.